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The Hawaiian Naupaka Legend

(This legend tells the story about the two Hawaiian flowers, Mountain Naupaka, and Ocean Naupaka. The flowers are extremely similar in their half-shape, appearing as if each completes the other.) There once was a Hawaiian maiden who lived high on … Continue reading

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Returning to Portland After 4 Months in Guatemala

After four months in Guatemala I am returning to Portland. The time I have spent in Guatemala interviewing, meeting new friends, and continued Spanish studies has been amazing. My continued work with Fredy Perez Hernandez of San Juan La Laguna … Continue reading

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La Primera Dama de Guatemala

This month I had a great opportunity to listen to a speech by Senora Colom, the First Lady of Guatemala. She visited San Juan la Laguna for the grand opening of a community center and park. She and her husband … Continue reading

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La Nariz – A Mayan Site of Spiritual Importance

I held out until the last moment, but the time finally came for me to tackle La Nariz. Nariz is a site of spiritual importance for the Mayan people of the area surrounding Lake Atitlan. For over 1000 years, the … Continue reading

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Jose, Maria and Family (San Pedro)

I encountered Jose Maria, his wife Maria and Family in front of the Catholic church in SanPedro following a service one Sunday. They invited me to their house for a traditional Guatemalan meal of tiny dried fish in chili sauce … Continue reading

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Fiesta San Pablo de Atitlan

This is a very well known typical festival with lot of indigenous dances in beautiful clothing and masks taking┬áplace every January in the latter part of the month. Every village surrounding the lake celebrates a fiesta once a year in … Continue reading

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A Month in Guatemala

┬áTime seems to just fly sometimes. I have been in Guatemala for a month now, and feel to just be getting into the swing of things. I have had a lot of interesting experiences, and have met many new friends … Continue reading

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