About Nicholas

nick_thumbNicholas Beatty is a children’s book author working primarily in multicultural studies. He loves folktales, local legends and history, and finds inspiration when he travels around the world.  His passion is in sharing those stories with others.

In 2005 Beatty began documenting Dia de los Muertos in various regions of Mexico. He has worked to bring a new level of understanding about the ancient ritual to international audiences, as well remind members of the hispanic and latin american communities about the richness of their own heritage.

Collaborating with the planners of regional festivals dedicated to Dia de los Muertos, Beatty works to provide consistent and accurate articles and photography for educational purposes. A detailed website about Nicholas’ work with Dia de los Muertos can be found here.

Beatty’s Dia de los Muertos photography has been the subject of exhibition in galleries nationwide, including the nationally acclaimed Dia de los Muertos exhibit at the Maude Kerns Art Center near Portland, Oregon.

Beatty worked as partner & creative director of Goops Children’s Publishing for over a decade (2000-2012), before creating his own press in 2013.

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