The Chicken Sacrifice

blog3.jpg A friend of mine was encountering some personal issues and sought the help of a local Mayan Shaman to help rid his surrounding environment of the negative energy. The ceremony the Shaman performed involved the sacrifice of a chicken.

Shamanic ceremonies in Mayan Tradition range from blessing houses, to treating illnesses and calling souls, to appeasing angry spirchickens are sacrificed because their souls have wings and can therefore fly and search for and awaken the soul. Chicken sacrifice is very common.

Several days after this ceremony, I experienced a ceremony with the same Shaman, who asked for blessing and health as I prepared to return to the United States. It was a very colorful ceremony including chanting, many colorful candles, colored sugars each representing a specific request, as well as alcohol.

One of the sights and smells that is so prevalent in Mexico and Latin America is that of Copal Incense. I love the smell, and the white smoke that drifts through the landscape during important rituals and ceremonies.Copal incense is a golden, black, or white resin whose sacred smoke carries messages to the spirit world. The spirit of this plant and its medicine allows us to see life more clearly and inspires divine insights. 




About nicholasbeatty

Nicholas Beatty is a children’s book author working primarily in multicultural stories. He loves folktales, local legends and history. He finds his inspiration when he travels around the world, and his passion is in sharing those stories with others.
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