La Primera Dama de Guatemala

3blog.jpgThis month I had a great opportunity to listen to a speech by Senora Colom, the First Lady of Guatemala. She visited San Juan la Laguna for the grand opening of a community center and park. She and her husband are very busy making public appearances the last several months due to the infancy of Senor Colon’s presidency. He took office in January of this year.


I have a slide show presentation of the photos I took during her speech, and time in San Juan. Please view my page to check it out.

The community center, park, and new mercado in San Juan are really an amazing accomplishment for such a small community. The mercado, especially, was greatly needed by the people because they were doing all of their vending in the street. The mercado is really above and beyond what anyone would expect for such a remote location.

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Nicholas Beatty is a children’s book author working primarily in multicultural stories. He loves folktales, local legends and history. He finds his inspiration when he travels around the world, and his passion is in sharing those stories with others.
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