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Returning to Portland After 4 Months in Guatemala

After four months in Guatemala I am returning to Portland. The time I have spent in Guatemala interviewing, meeting new friends, and continued Spanish studies has been amazing. My continued work with Fredy Perez Hernandez of San Juan La Laguna … Continue reading

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The Chicken Sacrifice

A friend of mine was encountering some personal issues and sought the help of a local Mayan Shaman to help rid his surrounding environment of the negative energy. The ceremony the Shaman performed involved the sacrifice of a chicken. Shamanic … Continue reading

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La Primera Dama de Guatemala

This month I had a great opportunity to listen to a speech by Senora Colom, the First Lady of Guatemala. She visited San Juan la Laguna for the grand opening of a community center and park. She and her husband … Continue reading

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Semana Santa Processions in Antigua, Guatemala

Semana Santa is finally here and my work is just beginning. There are over 50 processions this week that wind through every stretch of street in the city. It is amazing how they organize this network of processions that twist … Continue reading

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Making Tortillas in Guatemala

Everywhere you go in Guatemala, it is possible to hear the sound of hands clapping together as women prepare tortillas three times a day. The more time one spends in Guatemala, the more comforting the sound becomes. One recent afternoon, … Continue reading

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Teko Perez – Former Mayor of San Juan la Laguna

Teco Perez is the type of person that, once encountered, one will never forget. He is a ninety-three-year-old man living in San Juan la Laguna with the energy of a sixteen-year-old. As the former mayor of San Juan (1940-1944),┬áTeko has … Continue reading

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La Nariz – A Mayan Site of Spiritual Importance

I held out until the last moment, but the time finally came for me to tackle La Nariz. Nariz is a site of spiritual importance for the Mayan people of the area surrounding Lake Atitlan. For over 1000 years, the … Continue reading

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Misterios, La Casa de La Mente

My great friend, Fredy Perez Hernandez and I have initiated a project entitled Misterios, La Casa de La Mente. It is an oral history project documenting the lives of the ancianos, the elderly citizens of the village of San Juan … Continue reading

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